Matt Poynter ACO SOC

Steadicam and Camera Operator

Nationality: British
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Matt Poynter ACO SOC


Title Director of Photography Director
The Sandman - Season II - A Camera and Steadicam Will Baldy Jamie Childs
My Lady Jane - Additional A Camera and Steadicam Maja Zamodja and Gavin Finney BSC Jamie Babbit and Stefan Schwartz
The Witcher - Season III - Additional A Camera and Steadicam Scott Winig Loni Peristere
Shadow and Bone - Season II - Eps 4&5 - A Camera and Steadicam Petra Korner and David Higgs BSC Laura Belsey and Karen Gaviola
History of a Pleasure Seeker - A Camera and Steadicam Tobias Datum Julie Anne Robinson
Willow - A Camera and Steadicam - Eps 1&2 Stijn Van Der Steen Stephen Wolfenden
Willow - A Camera and Steadicam - Eps 3&4 Joel Devlin Debs Paterson
Willow - A Camera and Steadicam - Eps 5&6 James Friend BSC Philippa Lowthorpe
Willow - A Camera and Steadicam - Eps 7&8 Will Baldy Jamie Childs
Discovery of Witches III - A Camera and Steadicam - Double Banking Chas Bain Jamie Donoughue
War of the Worlds II - A Camera - Dailies Mattias Nyberg Ben A Williams
His Dark Materials II - Eps I, II, VI, VII, VIII - A Camera and Steadicam David Higgs BSC Jamie Childs
Deep State II - London and Cape Town Unit - A Camera Nic Lawson and Nick Dance BSC Matthew Parkhill and Joss Agnew
His Dark Materials - Ep VIII - A Camera David Higgs BSC Jamie Childs
His Dark Materials - Ep VII - B Camera David Higgs BSC Jamie Childs
Living the Dream - A Camera and Steadicam Sam Renton Saul Metzstein
Carnival Row - Block III - B Camera and Steadicam Chris Seager BSC Andy Goddard
Carnival Row - Block I - B Camera and Steadicam Ula Pontikos BSC, Tony Miller BSC and Alan Almond BSC Paul McGuigan and Jon Amiel
Deep State - UK Unit - A Camera Nic Lawson Rob Connolly and Mathew Parkhill
Will - B Camera and Steadicam John de Borman BSC Shekhar Kapur
White Princess - B Camera and 2nd Unit Steadicam Chris Seager BSC Jamie Payne
Cold Feet - A Camera - Dailies Shane Daley Terry McDonough
Crazy Face - B Camera - Dailies Rasmus Arridlt Al Mackay
DCI Banks V - Eps 1&2 - B Camera and Steadicam Joel Devlin Robert Quinn
DCI Banks V - Eps 4&5 - B Camera and Steadicam David Higgs BSC Craig Pickles
Game of Thrones - Season VI - Eps 9 & 10 - White Water Unit - Dailies Robert McLachlan ASC Miguel Sapochnik
Agatha Raisin Dale McCready Geoffrey Sax
Jekyll and Hyde - Block 4 - A Camera Suzie Lavelle Stewart Svaasand
Jekyll and Hyde - Block 3 - A Camera Nic Morris BSC Joss Agnew
Jekyll and Hyde - Block 2 - A Camera Mark Waters Robert Quinn
Jekyll and Hyde - Block 1 - A Camera Simon Dennis Colin Teague
Slapper and Me - B Camera and 2nd Unit DoP Katie Swain Betsan Morris Evans
Galavant - B Camera Chris Seager and John Pardue Chris Koch, John Fortenberry and James Griffiths
Indian Summers - A Camera David Higgs Anand Tucker
Fortitude - Main Unit C Camera and 2nd Unit Wojciech Szepel Hettie McDonald
Da Vinci's Demon's - Season II - A Camera 2nd Unit and C Camera Main Unit Fabian Wagner, Giulio Biccari, Ole Birkleland and Owen McPolin Charles Sturridge and Peter Hoar
Da Vinci's Demon's - A Camera VFX Unit, B Camera 2nd Unit, C Camera Main Unit Fabian Wagner and Julian Court David S Goyer, Jamie Payne and Michael Bassett
Doctor Who: 'Van Gogh' - Additional Camera Tony Slater-Ling Jonny Campbell
The Hour II - B Camera Dailies David Luther Jamie Payne

Feature Films

Title Director of Photography Director
Ghostbuster Sequel - C Camera Dailies Eric Steelberg ASC Gil Kenan
Wicked - 2nd Unit - B Camera Dailies Sam Renton Sam Renton
Damsel - Additional Photography - A Camera and Steadicam Larry Fong ASC Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Anna - B Camera and 2nd Unit DoP Mike Eley BSC James Strong
Disney's Snow White - Additional Camera Mandy Walker ACS ASC Marc Webb
Indiana Jones 5 - Additional B Camera and Steadicam Phedon Papamichel ASC James Mangold
Save the Cinema - B Camera and 2nd Unit DP Hamish Doyne-Ditmass Sara Sugarman
The Duke - B Camera Mike Eley BSC Roger Michell
Made In Italy - 2nd Unit DP Mike Eley BSC James D'Arcy
Off the Rails - 2nd Unit DP & B Camera and Steadicam Mike Eley BSC Jules Williamson
Star Wars: Episode IX - A Camera and Steadicam - 2nd Unit - UK Andrew Rowlands Victoria Mahoney
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Main Unit B Camera Dailies Oscar Faura J.A. Bayona
The Mummy - 2nd Unit C Camera Dailies Andrew Rowlands Wade Eastwood
Assassin's Creed - Dailies Adam Arkapew and Nigel Bluck Justin Kurzel

Other Skills

An Advanced Nitrox Scuba Diver
Steadicam Owner Operator

Last updated: 14 Jul 2023