Richard Jakes

Ronin and Camera Operator

Nationality: British
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Features and Dramas

Title Director of Photography Director
Paddington in Peru - Ronin - Dailies Erik Wilson Dougal Wilson
Beaumont - Ep 5 - Ronin & Operating - Dailies David Raedeker Anthony Byrne
Silo - Season II - C Camera Operator - Dailies Baz Irvine Micheal Dinner
Ted Lasso - Season III - Ronin & Operating - Dailies Buffy Dunton Pedro Romhanyi

Commercials and Promos

Title Director of Photography Director
Sky Glass - 2nd Unit - Operating Martina Knitter Jennifer Sheridan
Netflix Promo - Ronin & Operating Chris Dodd Sophie Kotretsos
Samsung - Ronin Chris Dodd Chaz Callingham-Woods
Colgate - Ronin Tim Spence Jim Perkenick
Boots - Ronin & Operating Christopher Sabogal Daniel Scully
Freddie's Flowers - Ronin & Operating Mike Tamman Berlin
Repton - Ronin & Operating Mike Tamman Owynne Dawkins

Short Films

Title Director of Photography Director
Forgive Me - Ronin & Operating Christopher Sabogal Jack Hope
Last Chance - Ronin & Operating Chris Dodd Jon Enoch
Bizarre Times - Ronin Mike Tamman Mike Tamman

Other Skills

Owner Operator of Ronin

Last updated: 2 Oct 2023