Kat Spencer

Camera Operator

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Feature Films

Title Director of Photography Director
Wicked - C Camera - Dailies Alice Brooks ASC Jon M. Chu
We Live In Time - B Camera Daily Stuart Bentley BSC John Crowley
Arthur's Whisky - Steadicam & B Camera Dailies David Mackie Stephen Cookson
Warchief - B Camera & Steadicam Doug Milsome BSC ASC Stuart Brennan
Snow White - 2nd Unit - Steadicam - Daily Carlos de Carvalho Carlos de Carvalho
Snow White - 2nd Unit - K Camera - Dailies Carlos de Carvalho Carlos de Carvalho
Disenchanted - Additional Photography - 2nd Unit - X Camera Oliver Loncraine Thomas Napper
How to Stop a Recurring Dream - B Camera Ivan Bird Ed Morris
This is not Happening - Dailies Ewan Thomas Ewan Thomas


Title Director of Photography Director
Black Doves - Eps 1-3 - B Camera Mark Patten BSC Alex Gabassi
Black Doves - Eps 4&5 - B Camera Giulio Biccari Lisa Gunning
Knuckles - Additional Camera Dailies Brandon Trost and Peter Wilke Jorma Taccone and Carol Banker
Queenie - Steadicam and B Camera Daily Rachel Clark Joelle David
The Acolyte - 2nd Unit - Dailies Oliver Loncraine and Carlos De Carvalho Christopher Cowan, Leslye Headland and Jeff King
The Acolyte - Splinter Unit - Dailies Chris Teague and James Friend ASC BSC Alex Garcia Lopez and Kogonada
The Acolyte - Main Unit - Daily James Friend ASC BSC Hanelle M. Culpepper
The Crown - Season VI - King Unit - Additional Camera Dailies Adriano Goldman ASC BSC ABC, Ben Wilson, Rasmus Vidab├Žek and Sophia Olsson Stephen Daldry, Erik Richter Strand, May el-Toukhy, Christian Schwochow and Alex Gabassi
The Crown - Season V - Additional Photography - Dailies Frank Lamm and Adriano Goldman ASC BSC ABC Christian Schwochow and Alex Gabassi
The Three-Body Problem - Season I - Daily Fionn Comerford Minkie Spiro
Silo - B Camera - Dailies Mark Patten BSC and David Luther Adam Berstein and David Semel
Silo - C Camera - Dailies Mark Patten BSC Morten Tyldum
Peripheral - C Camera - Dailies Roberto Schaefer ASC AIC Alrick Riley
Life After Life - Daily Stuart Bentley BSC John Crowley
The Sandman - Season I - C Camera - Daily Will Baldy Coralie Fargeat


Title Director of Photography Director
Twix - Disguise - B Camera Stuart Bentley BSC Traktor/Pontus
Warburtons Gold 6 Toastie - 'Mad about the Bread' - B Camera Ray Coates Declan Lowney
Co-Op - 'Daft Not To' - B Camera Amelia Hazlerigg Dan Opsal
Lloyds Bank - 'Girl' - B Camera Anthony Dod Mantle Henry-Alex Rubin
Nivea - Kuminous Karl Óskarsson Sara Marandi
HeadSpace x Peanuts - 'Let's Take About Sex TheyGather' Aman K Sahota Emily Freda Sharp
No Two Ways - 'Out of Hours' - Steadicam Calum Yeates Ben Doyle
Amazon - 'Amazon Workplace' Christopher Sabogal Michelle Coomber
Access Social Care - Steadicam Jordan Stephens Jako
The Hickman - Steadicam Jack Mealing Ben Johnston
Beauty Papers - Steadicam Chaz Lyon Scarlett Casciello
Reebok: Bluey Robinson - 'I'm Coming Back to You' Mark Jenkinson Mark Jenkinson
Mr Porter - 'The Way I Dress - Matthew Moneypenny' Chris Floyd Chris Floyd

Content - Marketing

Title Director of Photography Director
Wicked - Steadicam Autocue Mark Pullon Sean Hill
The Witcher Karl Stevens Sean Hill
Silo Nathan Wiley Nathan Wiley
Damsel - Steadicam Phil Bradshaw Nathan Wiley
Anatomy of a Scandel - 'In Conversation' Simona Susnea Lucy Brydon

Music Videos

Title Director of Photography Director
Nicki Knightz - 'Lonely Girls Hearts Club' - Steadicam Louis Brennan Sau Ali
Hendrix Harris - 'Jeez' - Steadicam Jack Reynolds Sob
Papaya Young Directors 2021 - Finalist - 'Wings' - Steadicam Toby Goodger Mori
Jah Mirikle - 'Firm and Strong' - Steadicam Aman K Sahota Michael Eshun-Mensah
M.W.B - 'Supreme Switch' - Steadicam Jack Mealing Mary Gouldsbrough
Mlle Caro & Frank Garcia - 'Far Away' Sarah Chatfield Sarah Chatfield

Documentaries and Art Projects

Title Director Production Company
Viva Voce - Rex Whistler Installation - Steadicam Keith Piper Tate Britain Commission
Arcade Fire at Koko - Live Stream and Film David Wilson and James Barnes Amazon, Riff Raff and Spiritland Productions
'The axe forgets, but the tree remembers' - Steadicam Alberta Whittle Hackney Windrush Commission
Marvel Cinematic Universe Docuseries - A Camera Operator - London Unit Quinn Wilson Herzog Company
Save the Children - South Sudan Child Soldiers - 10 Years on Nell Garfath-Cox Save the Children Film & Photographic Dept
Why The Fireflies Ride - Leuka Charity Film Kat Spencer RSA

Short Films

Title Director of Photography Director
Kaur - Steadicam Aman k Sahota Kaki Wong
Interior Night - Steadicam Jack Mealing Adam Berber & Rob Price
It Grew Both Day and Night - Camera Operator and Steadicam Jack Mealing David Churchyard
Misnomer - Camera Operator Daily Rachel Clark Allea Jordan-Edge
Pals - Steadicam and Camera Operator Jack Mealing Behnam Taheri and Gideon Beresford
You say Nothing - Steadicam Sam Goldie Gray Hughes


Title Camera Supervisor Director or Production Company
Burberry A/W 23 - London Fashion Week Show Alex Dodd James Barnes
Cos x Yeboah A/W 23 - Fashion Show Rob Norman
CBeebies Dick Whittington Xmas Panto 22 Paul Harris BBC
Burberry S/S 23 - Fashion Show Paul Harris James Russell
BBC Live Lounge - The 1975 Paul Harris BBC
BBC Live Lounge - Sam Smith Paul Harris BBC

Last updated: 28 May 2024