Martin Stephens ACO

Camera and Steadicam Operator

Nationality: British
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Feature Films

Title Director of Photography Director
Your Christmas or Mine - A Camera and Steadicam Gavin Struthers BSC Jim O’Hanlon
Dream Horse - B Camera - Dailies Erik Wilson Euros Lyn
Ibiza - Camera Operator, Steadicam and AR Danny Moder Alex Richanbach
Show Dogs - B Camera and Steadicam David Mackie Raja Gosnell
Lost City of Z - B Camera Operator and Steadicam Darius Khondji James Gray
Morgan - B Camera Operators and Steadicam Mark Patten Luke Scott
Generation Z - Welsh and Spanish Unit - A Camera and Steadicam Roman Osin Steve Barker
The Food Guide to Love - Steadicam Dailies Andreu Rebes Domanic Harari
Albert Nobbs - A Camera Michael McDonough Rodrigo Garcia
The River King - 2nd Unit - B Camera Paul Sorossy CSC BSC Nick Willing
Hypnotic - A Camera Peter Sova ASC Nick Willing
Bend It Like Beckham - 2nd Camera 2nd Unit - Dailies Jong Lin Gurinder Chadha
The Reckoning - A Camera Peter Sova ASC Paul McGuigan
Sam's Circus - A Camera Adam Kaine Robert Singer
Strictly Sinatra - 2nd Unit Dailies Simon Maggs Peter Capaldi
Dad Savage - A Camera Gavin Finney BSC Betsan Morris Evans


Title Director of Photography Director
Epic - A Camera and Steadicam Gavin Struthers BSC James Griffiths
Trapper Keeper - 2nd Unit - A Camera and Steadicam Dailies Tom Pridham Adrain McDowall
His Dark Materieals - Season III - 2nd Unit - Steadicam Dailies Gary Shaw Amid Gupta
The Crown - Season V - Dailies and Steadicam Rasmus Videbaek and Ben WIlson May el - Toukhy and Jessica Hobbs
Endeavour - Series VIII - A Camera and Steadicam Simon Archer BSC Shaun Evans
The Pact - A Camera and Steadicam Will Baldy Eric Styles and Rebecca Johnson
Cobra - 2nd Unit and Steadicam Mika Orasmaa Al Mackay
His Dark Materials - Series II - B Camera and Steadicam David Higgs Jamie Child
Krypton - Series II - A Camera and Steadicam Christopher Baffer Cameron Welsh
The Little Drummer Girl - Prague Unit - B Camera and Steadicam Woo-hyung Kim Chan-wook Park
His Dark Materials - Eps 1&2 - B Camera and Steadicam Justin Brown Tom Hooper
Krypton - B Camera and Steadicam 2nd Unit Christopher Baffa ASC Ciaran Donnelly
Mother's Day - Steadicam Dailies Johann Perry Fergus O'Brien
Woman in White - Steadicam Dailies Eben Bolter Carl Tibbetts
Will - Sereis 1 - 2nd Unit A/B Camera - Dailies David Higgs Elliott Lester
Decline and Fall - 2nd Unit - B Camera Tim Fleming Guillem Morales
Black Sail - Series IV - A Camera Operator and Steadicam Gavin Struthers Alik Sakharov
A.D. - B Camera and Steadicam - Ep 6 Toby Moore Rob Evans
Sherlock III & IV - 2nd Unit Dailies Neville Kidd Nick Hurran
Killing Jesus - B Camera and Steadicam Ossi Rawi Chris Manaul
Da Vinci's Demon's II & III - 2nd Unit Steadicam Giulio Biccari Jim Jones
Halo Nightfall - A Camera and Steadicam Gavin Struthers Sergio Mimica - Gezzan
Doctor Who - Series 8 - A Camera and Steadicam Magni Agustsson Ben Wheatley
Henry V - The Battle of Agincourt - A Camera Michael McDonough Thea Sharrock
Neverland - A Camera and Steadicam Seamus Deasey Nick Willing
Doctor Who - Series V - Eps 2 & 3 - A Camera Graham Frake Andrew Gunn
Lark Rise to Candleford - Series II - A Camera Mark Partridge Alan Grint
Torchwood - Series II - A Camera Mark Waters Colin Teague
Sea of Souls - A Camera Ernie Vincze BSC Nick Willing
Rocket Man - A Camera Peter Greenhalgh BSC Jane Prows
Trust - A Camera Lawrence Jones John Strickland
Nice Guy Eddie Peter Fearon Douglas MacKinnin
Gentlemans Relish Gavin Finney BSC Douglas MacKinnin
Gormenghast - 2nd Unit - Dailies Gavin Finney BSC Andy Wilson
Soldier Soldier - VII - Ep VII - A Camera Peter Greenhalgh BSC Chris King


Title Director of Photography Director
McDonalds 'Half Time' Gavin Finney BSC Colin Gregg
Debenhams 'The Night Before' & 'The Dinner Party' Tom Ingle Jnr Adam Johnson

Other Skills

Owner operator of Steadicam and AR Rig.

Last updated: 11 Apr 2022