Josh Tilley

2nd AC / Clapper Loader

Nationality: South African & British
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Josh Tilley

Feature Films

Title Director of Photography Focus Puller / 1st AC
Downton Abbey III - B Camera Ben Smithard BSC Paul Snell
Jay Kelly - Splinter Unit - Dailies Linus Sandgren ASC FSF Paul Snell
Ghostbusters Sequel - B Camera - Dailies Eric Steelberg ASC Dave Pearce
Wicked - Second Unit - B Camera - Dailies Sam Renton Paul Snell
The Amateur - B Camera Martin Ruhe ASC Paul Snell
Back in Action - B Camera Ken Seng Paul Snell
The Boys in the Boat - B Camera Martin Ruhe ASC Paul Snell
Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One - Splinter Unit Fraser Taggart Paul Snell
One Life - C Camera Zac Nicolson Paul Snell
Damsel - 2nd Unit - Dailies Steven Hall Paul Snell
Tom & Jerry - C Camera - Dailies Alan Stewart Nick Crew
Tolkien - B Camera - Dailies Lasse Frank Kerry Arthur
Mrs Lowry & Son Josep L Civit Guillermo Alvarez
Schools out Forever Thomas Hole Alasdair Baines


Title Director of Photography Focus Puller / 1st AC
Andor - Season II - Dailies Christophe Nuyen Jamie Phillips
The Witcher - Season III - C Camera - Dailies Scott Winig Laura Booth
Citadel - B Camera Newton Thomas Sigel ASC Paul Snell
House of the Dragons - Season I - Fire Unit - Dailies Fabian Wagner ASC BSC Phil Heron
The Pentaverate - C Camera Jamie Cairney Louise Harris
His Dark Materials - Season III - B Camera - Dailies Gary Shaw Dan Lemon
Gangs of London - Season II - C Camera - Dailies Martijn van Broekhuizen Ben Bayo
Intelligence - Season II - A Camera - Dailies Sarah Bartles-Smith Stuart Anderson
Ted Lasso - B Camera - Dailies John Sorapure Bernin Isaac
Hanna - B Camera - Dailies Stephen Murphy BSC ISC Ben Taylor
Year of the Rabbit - A Camera Dan Stafford-Clark Sam Riley
Safe - A Camera - Dailies Ian Moss Si Hallow
There She Goes - Dailies James Rhodes Luke Cairns
The Worst Witch - Season III - Dailies Tony Coldwell Ed Coldwell
Cold Feet - Series VIII - B Camera Stuart Biddlecombe Si Ospina
The Evermoor Chronicles - B Camera Jazz Castleton Gordy MacMillan
No Offence - 2nd Unit - A Camera Tony Coldwell Ed Coldwell
Class Dismissed - B Camera Andy Whitby Veronica Keszthelyi


Title Director of Photography Focus Puller / 1st AC
Burberry AW23 André Chemetoff David Churchyard
McDonald's Ben Fordesman Phil Heron
Renault Ben Fordesman Phil Heron
Skoda Ben Fordesman Phil Heron
Levis Dan Stafford Clark Sam Riley
Virgin Media Oliver Ford Alasdair Baines
British Gas Fabian Wagner ASC BSC Phil Heron
Toyota Fabian Wagner ASC BSC Phil Heron
Friends of the Earth Fabian Wagner ASC BSC Phil Heron
Samsung Jordan Buck Alasdair Baines
Durex Jaime Feliu-Torres Kate Eccarius
Lego x NatGeo Jordan Buck Alasdair Baines
Diet Coke Benedict Spence Sam Riley
McDonald's Dan Stafford-Clark Sam Riley
Just Eat Dave Bird Barney Batchelor
Ralph Lauren Oliver Ford Alasdair Baines
And many many more......

Last updated: 28 May 2024