Adam MacKinnon

2nd AC / Clapper Loader

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Adam MacKinnon

Features and Dramas

Title Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller
The Sandman - Season II - A Camera Will Baldy Elliot Dupuy
The Beekeeper - Addition Photography - A Camera Gabriel Bernstein Alex Finlayson
The Gorge - Splinter Unit Matt WIndon Dom Cheung
Knuckles - 2nd Unit Dailies - B Camera - Dailies Graham Hall Alex Finlayson and Ben Brown
House of the Dragon - Season II - Buck Unit Alejandro Martinez and Catherine Goldschmidt Alex Finlayson
Wicked - 2nd Unit - B Camera - Dailies Sam Renton Alex Finlayson
6888 - UK Unit - B Camera Michael Watson Kane Pearson
Good Grief - Splinter Unit Jenni Suitiala Alexandra Voikou
Billions - UK Unit - B Camera Gorgio Scali ASC Elliot Dupuy
The Great Escaper - Dailies Christopher Ross BSC Alexandra Voikou
The Diplomat - Dailies - B Camera Phillip Blaubach BSC Daniel Wombwell
Loki - Dailies - D Camera Oliver Loncraine and Peter Talbot Max Glickman, Jon Webb and James Perry
Argylle - Additional Photography - B Camera Ed Wild BSC Richard Copeman
Lift - 2nd Unit - A Camera Ralph Kaechele BVK Charlie Fleetwood
Fast 10 - 2nd Unit Dailies - B Camera Steven Hall Alexandra Voikou
Brussels - Additional Photography - B Camera Peter Levy ASC ACS Joseph Mastrangelo
Strike: Troubled Blood - B Camera Piotr Sobocinski Jr Elliot Dupuy
Masters of the Air - Bailout Unit - B Camera Tasha Back Dan West
Luther - 2nd Unit - B Camera Andrew Rowlands Dan West
The Flash - 2nd Unit - Additional Camera Dailies Daniel Vilar Max Glickman
Citadel - 2nd Unit - Additional Camera Dailies Oliver Loncraine Felix Pickles
Vigil - B Camera Matt Gray BSC and Ruairi O'Brien ISC David Hutchison

Selected Credits as Camera Trainee

Title Director of Photography 1st AC / Focus Puller
Tetris Alwin H. K├╝chler BSC Max Glickman and Dermot Hickey
The Flash - 2nd Unit Daniel Vilar Tom Lane, Dom Cheung and Jake Marcuson
Citadel - 2nd Unit Oliver Loncraine Max Glickman, Tom Lane and Felix Pickles
Succession - UK Unit Christopher Norr Ethan Borsuk and Cory Stambler

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