Mary Kyte

1st AC / Focus Puller

Nationality: British
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Mary Kyte

Features and Drama

Title Director of Photography Director
Straight Shooter - 'The Three-Body Problem' - B Camera - Dailies Martin Ahigren Minkie Spiro
Death in Paradise Series XII - Christmas Special - A Camera Ian Adrian Ruth Carney
Death in Paradise Series XII - A Camera Ian Adrian Declan Recks, Steve Brett, Angie de Chastelai Smith and Leon Lopez
Death in Paradise - Christmas Special Ian Adrian Ben Kellett
Death in Paradise - Series XI Ian Adrian Jenny Paddon, Leon Lopez, Toby Frow and Ruth Carney
Endeavour - Series VIII - Film II - A Camera Annemarie Lean-Vercoe Ian Aryeh
Endeavour - Series VIII - Film I - A Camera Simon Archer Shaun Evans
Death in Paradise - Series X Tom Hines and Ian Adrian Richard Signy, Chris Foggin, Jordan Hogg and Toby Frow
Death in Paradise - Series IX Dominic Clemence, Tom Hines and Rory Taylor Ian Barber, Paulette Randall, Richard Signy and Jennie Darnell
Poldark - Series V - A Camera - Double Banking Mark Waters Justin Molotnikov
Death in Paradise - Series VIII - Eps 1 - 8 Mark Waters and Toby Moore Stewart Svaasand, Sarah OÂ’Gorman, Richard Signs and Jermain Julien
Cuckoo - Series IV Mark Waters Simon Delaney and Paul Murphy
Death in Paradise - Series VII - Eps 1 - 8 Mark Waters and Simon Walton Jonathan Gershfield, Steward Svaasand, Ian Barnes and Sarah Walker
Victoria - Series II - Eps 3 & 4 Rasmus Arrildt Geoffrey Sax
Final Score - C Camera and 2nd Unit Emil Topulov and Dan DeCastro Scott Mann and Mark McQueen
Crazy Face - B Camera and 2nd Unit Rasmus Arildt, Anna Valdez-Hanks, Mark Waters and Ian Clarke Al Mackay, Declan O'Dwyer and Julian Murphy
B & B - A Camera Nick Dance BSC Joe Ahearne
Cuffs - Eps 1,2,5 and 6 Rasmus Arrildt Anthony Philipson and Nick Rowland
Agatha Raisin - Pilot Sue Gibson BSC Geoffrey Sax
Poldark - B Camera Cinders Forshaw and Adam Etherington Ed Bazalgette and William McGregor
The Imitation Game - B Camera Dailies Oscar Faura Morten Tyldum
By Any Means - Eps 5 & 6 Nic Lawson Mark Everest
By Any Means - Eps 3 & 4 Nic Morris Menhaj Huda
Merlin - 2nd Unit Dailies Ashley Rowe and Sam McCurdy Justin Molotnikov and Alice Troughton
Da Vinci's Demons - Season 1 - B Camera and 2nd Unit Dailies Julian Court and Fabian Wagner David S. Goyer
Me & Mrs Jones Owen McPolin Nick Hutton
Coup - London Unit Owen McPolin Ed Fraiman
Misfits - Series III Felix Wiedemann Wayne Yip, Alex Garcia and Will Sinclair
The Santa Incident Chris O'Dell Yelena Lanskaya
When Harvey Met Bob Owen McPolin Nick Renton
The Mapmaker - A Camera Operator Sue Gibson BSC Stephen Johnson
Ashes to Ashes III - Eps 7 & 8 Balazs Bolygo David Drury
Ashes to Ashes III - Eps 1 to 6 - B Camera Operator Adam Suschitzky and Simon Archer David Drury, Alrick Riley and Jamie Paine
Pure Mule - 1st AC and Camera Operator Dailies Owen McPolin Declan Recks
Emma Adam Suschitzky Jim O'Hanlon
The Eclipse Ivan McCullough Conor McPherson
Little Dorritt - B Camera Dailies Lukas Strebel, Owen McPolin and Alan Almond Dearbhla Walsh, Adam Smith and Diarmuid Lawrence
Whatever it Takes Donal Gilligan Andy Hay
3 and Out - B Camera Richard Greatrex BSC John Gershfield
Primeval - Series II - Ep 1 Adam Suschitzky Jamie Payne
Confessions of a Diary Secretary Sue Gibson BSC Andy Wilson
Marple - 'The Sittaford Mystery' Nic Knowland BSC Paul Unwin
Tripping Over -Thailand Giulio Biccari and Jonathan Bloom Sam Miller and Ian Watson
Poitrot - 'Taken at the Flood' Sue Gibson BSC Andy Wilson
Riot at the Rite Sue Gibson BSC Andy Wilson
Jericho - Eps 3 to 6 Sue Gibson BSC and Cinders Forshaw BSC Diarmuid Lawrence and Tom Shankland
Dad Lukas Strebel Sarah Harding
Bloodlines Julian Court Philip Martin
Blackpool Lukas Strebel Julie Anne Robinson and Coky Giedroc
The Lazarus Child - UK and Canada Lukas Strebel Graham Theakston
Spooks II Sue Gibson BSC and Adam Suschitzky Bharat Nalluri and Rob Bailey
Twelth Night Gavin Finney BSC Tim Supple
Spooks Sue Gibson BSC Eps 1,2,5 & 5 and Sean Bobbitt Eps 3 & 4 Bharat Nalluri, Rob Bailey and Andy Wilson
Rescue Me Katie Swain Kate Dennis
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone - A Cam 2nd Unit Gavin Finney BSC Chris Columbus, David Ellis and Peter MacDonald
The Search For John Gissing Sue Gibson BSC Mike Binder
Breathtaking Gavin Finney BSC David Green
Londinium Sue Gibson BSC Mike Binder
Essex Boys John Daly BSC Terry Winsor
In The Name Of Love Chris Seager BSC Ferdinand Fairfax
Tube Tales Sue Gibson BSC Bob Hoskins, Jude Law and Amy Jenkins
Pure Wickedness Sue Gibson BSC Harry Hook
Storm Damage Nic Knowland BSC Simon Cellan-Jones
Vanity Fair - 2nd Unit Oliver Curtis BSC Marc Munden
Frenchman's Creek - 2nd Unit Chris Seager BSC Ferdinand Fairfax
Killing Joe Zubin Mistry Mehdi Norowzian
Tom's Midnight Garden Gavin Finney BSC Willard Carroll
Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Steadicam/2nd Unit Vernon Layton BSC Willie Patterson
Jinnah Nic Knowland BSC Jamil Dehvi
The Fix Ivan Strasbourg Paul Greengrass
My Night With Reg John Daly BSC Roger Michel
Our Friends In The North John Daly BSC Simon Cellan-Jones
Witness Against Hitler Gavin Finney Betsan Morris Evans
Roughnecks - Series 1 John Daly Sandy Johnson
Genghis Cohen John Daly Elijah Moshinsky
Black and Blue John Daly David Heyman
Newshounds Remi Adefarasin Les Blair
Summer's Lease Remi Adefarasin Martyn Friend
Children Crossing Remi Adefarasin Angela Pope
A Very Peculiar Practice Colin Munn David Tucker
Flying In The Branches Elmer Cossey Eva Koluchova


Title Director of Photography Director
Fairy - Make A Wish 2013 Adam Etherington Jamie Childs
KBC - The Bank of You Milan Chadima Henry Mason
McVities Katie Swain Tom Vaughan
Mazda Nic Knowland Paul Arden
Vaseline Intensive Care Gavin Finney BSC Betsan Morris-Evans
Promise Sue Gibson BSC Mandie Fletcher
BUPA Zubin Mistry Mehdi Norowzian
Eurostar Zubin Mistry Mehdi Norowzian

Short Films

Title Director of Photography Director
Scarred - Camera Operator Emma Edwards Steve Couch

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