Leo Holba

1st AC / Focus Puller

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Drama and Features

Title Director of Photography Director
Ballerina - A Camera - Budapest Unit Chung-Hoon Chung Chad Stahelski
House of the Dragon - Seson II - Blood Unit - A Camera PJ Dillon, Catherine Goldschmidt, Vanja Cernjul and Alejandro Martinez Loni Peristere, Geeta Patel, Andrij Parekh and Clare Kilner
Gran Turismo - A Camera Jacques Jouffret Neill Blomkamp
Jack Ryan - Season III & IV - A Camera Jacques Jouffret Jann Turner
Silent Night - A Camera Ben Davis and Sam Renton Camille Griffin
The Eternals - 2nd Unit - B Camera Sam Renton Dan Deleeuw
No Time to Die - 2nd Unit - Additional Camera Alexandra Witt Alexandra Witt
The Old Guard - B Camera Barry Ackroyd BSC Gina Prince Bythewood
The Witcher - A Camera Gavin Struthers BSC ASC and Jean Phillip Gossard BSC Alik Sakharov, Alex Garcia Lopez and Charlotte Brändström
Game of Thrones VII - Wolf Unit - C Camera Robert McLachlam, PJ Dillon and Gregory Middleton Jeremy Padeswa, Mary Mylod and Matt Shakman
Jack Reacher - A Camera Additional Photography UK Oliver Wood Ed Zwick
Prison Break - Morocco Unit Jeff Mygatt Nelson McCormick
The Collection - B Camera Martin Fuhrer BSC Derbhla Walsh
Life on the Road - B Camera Remi Adefarasin BSC Ricky Gervais
Star Wars VIII - Ireland Pre Shoot Steven Yedlin Rian Johnson
The Night Manager - B Camera Michael Snyman Susanne Bier
Game of Thrones V - Wolf Unit - Spain Rob McLachlan ASC CSC David Nutter
Killing Jesus - Main Unit Osama Rawi Chris Menaul
Tarzan - Main and 2nd Unit Dailies Henry Braham BSC and Jean-Philippe Gossard David Yates
Knifeman - B Camera David Katznelson BSC DFF Brian Percival
24: Live Another Day - B Camera Geoff Mygatt Jon Cassar, Adam Kane, Omar Madha and Milan Cheylov
Theory of Everything - 2nd Unit Daily Benoit Delhomme AFC James Marsh
Call the Midwife III - B Camera Dailies Mark Waters Minki Spiro
London Fields - B Camera 2nd Unit Guillermo Navarro ASC AMC Mathew Cullen
Game of Thrones IV - 2nd Unit Dailies Fabian Wanger Alex Graves
Silk III - A Camera Dailies Suzie Lavelle Michael Keillor
A Poet In New York - A Camera Martin Furhrer BSC Aisling Walsh
Atlantis - B Camera Dailies Dale McCready and Ashely Rowe BSC Alice Troughton and Declan O’Dwyer
The Anomaly David Katznelson BSC DFF Noel Clarke
Sherlock - Series III - A Camera Steve Lawes Jeremy Lovering and Colm McCarthy
Being Human - Series V - A Camera Dale McCready and Richard Stoddard Phillip John and Daniel O'Hara
Switch - A Camera Nick Dance Tom Marshall
Merlin - Series V - B Camera Dailies Dale McCready and Ashley Rowe Justin Molotnikov
Dancing on the Edge - B Camera Dailies Ashley Rowe Stephen Poliakoff
In Fear - A Camera David Katznelson Jeremy Lovering
Line of Duty - B Camera Ruairi O'Brien David Caffery and Douglas Mackinno
Inside Men - B Camera Dailies Tim Fleming James Kent
Gambit - B Camera - Dailies Florian Ballhaus Michael Hoffman
Sherlock Holmes - Series 2 - B Camera Fabian Wagner Paul McGuigan and Toby Haynes
Torchwood - The New World - UK Unit Nate Goodman Bharat Nalluri
Nightwatch - Dailies David Katznelson Richard Laxton
Being Human - A Cam - Eps 7&8 Nic Morris BSC Daniel O'Hara
Permanently Excluded - B Cam Dailies Ashley Rowe Misha Manson
Shank - B Cam Dailies Adam Frisch Mo Ali
The Kid - B Cam Dailies Peter Wignall Nick Moran
Huge - A Cam Trevor Forrest Ben Miller
Larkrise to Candleford - B Cam Dailies Mark Partridge John Greening
Ashes to Ashes - B Cam Dailies Tim Palmer Jonny Campbell
Bloodied Kate Reid Nick Ashdon
Waveriders - Irish Unit - A Cam Dailies Daniel Trapp Joel Conroy
Special People Zac Nicolson Justin Edgar
Exodus Jakob Ihre Penny Woolcock
Popcorn Nemoni Mercer Darren Fisher


Title Director of Photography Production Company
Sheba - 'Mars Pet Care' Ed Moore Little Fish Films
Total Yoghurt - 'Fage' Ed Moore Little Fish Films
T Mobile - 'Parking Ticket' Brett Turnball Smuggler
Football Hero II Daniel Trapp PTE
EA FIFA - 'Bury Me' Danny Cohen Smuggler
Nike - 'Hyperfuse' Kit Fraser Spun
AOL Darren Bragg Duke & Earl
Argos - 'Presenters' Darren Bragg Duke & Earl
UEFA Champions Kit Fraser Irresistible Films
Clairol - 'Goldfinger' Kit Fraser Amity Films
Got to Dance Idents Will Bex BSKYB
Lurpack Stephen Kucera Stink
BBC Being Human Idents Will Bex Red Bee Media
Nokia Stephen Kucera Stink
BBC I-Player Will Bex Red Bee Media
Srih Skin Care Will Bex Partizan
Toshiba Darren Bragg Epoch
Nike Will Bex Factory
Iron Mountain Howard Atherton Upset
Barclays Will Bex Stink
Dulux Paint Linus Sandgreen Stink
Diesel Will Bex Stink Digital
H&M Christian Haag HSI London
A. Bocelli Christmas Will Bex Love
Poker All Stars Darren Bragg Toast
Sarah Jane Adventures Will Bex Red Bee Media
TV License Trevor Forest Red Bee Media
Farmer Wants a Wife - Ident Kit Fraser Reb Bee Media
New Zealand Airways Will Bex Partizan
Intel Will Bex Minds Eye
Nokia Idents Will Bex Another Film Co
HP Will Bex Thomas Thomas
Ford KA Will Bex Pretzel
Sky Plus Will Bex Rattling Stick
Nokia Will Bex HSI London
Coming of Age Idents Will Bex Red Bee Media
Walkers Crisps Simon Coull Tomboy
Huggies Will Bex Joyrider
Channel NRK3 Rune Hov Kemistry
Sky Bet Will Bex Brother and Sisters
Vodaphone Darren Brgg Mendoza
Nippon Airways Will Bex Cuba
Lynx Effect Will Bex Blink
Greenpeace Adam Frisch @radical media

Music Videos

Title Director of Photography Production Company
Spark - 'Revolving' Ben Magahy Partizan
Tynchy Strider - 'Second Chance' David Johnston Pulse Films
Kylie Minogue - 'Get Outta My Way' Will Bex Factory
Scisso Sisters ' 'Any Which Way' Will Bex Partizan
Mika - 'Kick Ass' Will Bex HSI London
Boyzone - 'Love is a Hurricane' Will Bex Academy
The XX - 'Island' Will Bex Partizan
Cheryl Cole - 'Parachute' Will Bex Factory
Robbie Williams - 'You Know Me' Will Bex HSI London
Newton Faulkner - 'Over and Out' Will Bex HSI London
Chipmunk - 'Oopsy Daisy' Will Bex Davey Inc
Little Boots - 'Earthquake' Will Bex Colonel Blimp
Natalie Imbruglia - 'Want' Tim Maurice Jones HSI London
La Rouz - 'Quicksand' Will Bex Partizan
Elbow - 'Bones of You' Will Bex Pulse
The Ting Tings - 'Shut up and let me go' Will Bex Factory
Feeder - 'We are the People' Will Bex Bikini
The Hoosiers - 'Cops and Robbers' Will Bex HSI London
Cape. Wear Cape, fly! - 'Find the Time' Will Bex Colonel Blimp
The Ting Tings - 'Great DJ' Will Bex Factory
N-Dubz - 'Better not Waste my Time' Adam Frisch Academy
Mitchell Brothers - 'Michael Jackson' Will Humphries Academy
The Cheeks - 'Take me There' Will Bex HSI London
Jin Jang Jong - 'Lonely Buoy' Martin Ruhe Academy
The Hoosiers - 'Goodbye Mr A' Will Bex HSI London
The Hoosiers - 'Worried about Ray' Will Bex HSI London
Jack Penate - 'Was I being Fooled' Will Bex HSI London

Last updated: 1 May 2024