Andy Hill

1st AC / Focus Puller

Nationality: British
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Andy Hill

Feature Films

Title Director of Photography Director
The Eternal Daughter Ed Rutherford Joanna Hogg
Misbehaviour - Dailies Zac Nicholson BSC Philippa Lowthorpe
Yesterday - Dailies and Additional Camera Chris Ross BSC Danny Boyle
The Personal History of David Copperfield - Dailies Zac Nicolson BSC Armando Iannucci
Judy - Dailies Ole Bratt Birkeland BSC Rupert Goold
Tucked Paul O'Callaghan Jamie Patterson
Johnny English Strikes Again - Dailies Florian Hoffmeister BSC David Kerr
Ruturn to Podor - B Camera Nelson Hume Kevin Macdonald
The Little Stranger - Dailies Ole Bratt Birkeland BSC Lenny Abrahamson
We the Kings - Dailies Paul Mackay Lauren Mackenzie
Versus - The Life and Films of Ken Loach Roger Chapman Louise Osmond
London Road - B Camera - Dailies Danny Cohen Rufus Norris
The Last Photograph - Dailies Ed Rutherford Danny Huston
We Are Memories Ole Bratt Birkeland Gillan Wearing
X Plus Y - Camera Tests Danny Cohen Morgan Matthews
20,000 Days on Earth - B Camera Erik Wilson Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard
Cuban Fury - 2nd Unit - Additional Camera Dick Pope James Griffiths
Hummingbird - Dailies Chris Menges Steven Knight
Johnny English Reborn - Dailies Danny Cohen Oliver Parker
Kiss the Water Ole Bratt Birkeland Eric Steel
On Languard Point Lucy Cash and Becky Edmunds Robert Pacitti
Harmony - Additional Photography George Richmond Christopher Granier-Deferre
Skeletons - Dailies Zac Nicholson Nick Whitfield
Glorious 39 - B Cam Danny Cohen Stephen Poliakoff
The Boat That Rocked - C Cam Danny Cohen Richard Curtis
The Making of Special People - Dailies Zac Nicolson Justin Edgar
Morris, A Life with Bell On Roger Chapman Lucy Akhurst
Deadmeat Damian Daniels Kwabena Manso
Oh Happy Day Jonny Ignatius Ian Poitier
Pierrepoint - B Cam Danny Cohen Adrian Shergold

Dramas, Pilots and Shorts

Title Director of Photography Director
Fake Sheikh Thomas English and Paul O'Callaghan Alexander Lacey
Kirkmoore - Pilot Damian Daniel Justin Edgar
Smoothereed Ben Maghahy George Belfield
Elephant Damian Daniels Noelle Mingo
Flight 24 - B Camera Dirk Nel Ashley Pearce
Ted Lasso - Dailies Pedro Romhanyi David Rom
Devonshire - B Camera Arturo Vasquez David Herrera
His Dark Materials - Stunt Unit Paul O'Callaghan Russell Hopwood
Kiri - Dailies Matt Gray BSC Euros Lyn
Ghost in the Machine Damian Daniel Craig Griffith
Liar - Dailies Matt Gray BSC James Strong
Apple Tree Yard - B Camera Matt Gray BSC Jessica Hobbs
Bloody Tracy Pete Rowe Al Campbell
Flowers - Dailies Jamie Cairney Will Sharpe
BBC Force of Nature Paul O’Callaghan Stephen Cooter
Outlaws - A Camera Francis de Groote Matt Lipsey
The Royals - Dailies John Rohodes Arlene Stanford
The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawn- Dailies Ian Moss Sandy Johnson
Capital - Dailies Zac Nicolson Euros Lyn
The Crown - Dailies Ole Bratt Birkeland Philip Martin
What Remains Zac Nicholson Coky Giedroyc
'Cargese' - Playhouse Presents Ole Bratt Birkeland Matt Smith
10 Bill1on Lectures Ole Bratt Birkeland Peter Webber
Man Down Francis De Groote Matt Lipsey
Starlings - Series 2 Ian Liggot Samual Donovan
Mayday - Dailies Zac Nicholson Brian Walsh
Black Mirror - Dailies Zac Nicholson Brian Walsh
The Boxing Project Zac Nicholson Yann Demange
Bert and Dickie - B Camera Dailies Kieran McGuigan David Blair
Objects of Desire - Pick Ups Roger Chapman Anna Thomson
Tape it or Die Ed Rutherford Dave Ward
Campus Danny Cohen Victoria Pile
Documates Ed Rutherford Samuel Abrahams
BBC Switch - Myths Ed Rutherford Henry Mason
Poppy Shakespeare - B Camera Danny Cohen Benjamin Ross
Coming Down The Mountain - B Camera Danny Cohen Julie Ann Robinson
Joe's Palace - B Camera Danny Cohen Stephen Poliakoff
Capturing Mary - B Camera Danny Cohen Stephen Poliakoff
MTV Fur TV Zac Nicholson Chris Waitt
Born Equal - B Camera Danny Cohen Dominic Savage
Longford - B Camera Danny Cohen Tim Hopper
Murder in Suburbia - B Camera Danny Cohen Adrian O'Toole

Commercials and Music Videos

Title Director of Photography Director
Dyson - 'Supersonic' Thomas English Tom Gorst
Huawei - 'Help a Mate' Paul O'Callaghan Dominic O'Riordan
James Bay - 'Pink Lemonade' Danny Cohen BSC Philip Andelman
Sainsbury's Paul O'Callaghan Paul Butterworth
Mollie King - 'Back to You' Ole Bratt Birkeland Lisa Gunning
UEFA - 'Share the Passion' Paul O'Callaghan Jack Weatherly
Barbour International Paul O'Callaghan Jack Weatherly
Channel 4 - 'Randon Acts' Ole Bratt Birkeland Lucy Cash
Run - 'Paula Radcliffe' Paul O'Callaghan Jack Weatherly
We Are Europe Ole Bratt Birkeland Big Red Button
Gumtree Idents Ole Bratt Birkeland Big Red Button
Shell - 'Gunk & Corrosion' Paul O’Callaghan Russell Dodgson
The Clock: 8:58 Jonathan Bloom Luke Losey
Barclays - ‘Walking Football” Damian Daniel Stewart Sugg
Natwest - 'Apple Pay' Paul O’Callaghan Mike Fisher
Cath Kitson- ‘Back to School’ Paul O’Callaghan Sam Washington
Jaguar - 'Playback and Scratch' Paul O’Callaghan Teddy Powell
McDonalds - ‘Trust Food’ Erik Wilson Guy Manwering
Channel 5 - ‘My Single Best Friend’ Marcus Domleo and Pardeep Sahota Pardeep Sahota
Anadin Christopher Sabogal Jess Scott-Hunter
Astor Thierry Pouget Rankin
Ronseal Ole Bratt Birkeland Mark Nunnerly
BBC Current Affairs Promo - B Camera Danny Cohen Asif Kapadia
Justin Beiber - “BackPack” Marcus Domino Alfredo Flores
Shola Ama - “Fortress” Jordi Adria Mark Jenkinson
British Gas - 'Blind' Damian Daniel Mike Gosebee
Headlong Theatre Promo Damian Daniel Roger Goold
King Charles - 'Lady Percy' Joe Dyer Tom Ward
Jaguar - 'Feel/Fast' Paul Barton Mark Rodwell
Issac Julian Choreographing Capital Nina Kellgren Issac Julian
Pauline Rubio - 'Boys will be Boys' - 2nd Unit Ed Wild Yasha Malekzad
Sky Movies Ident Ole Bratt Birkeland Big Red Button
Missing People - 'Phone Call' Ben Kracan Ben Strebal
Tiga - 'What you Need' Suzie Lavelle Cassiano Prado
Land Rover - 'Hands' Danny Cohen Scott Lyon
Reebok - 'Fit to Flex' Ed Rutherford Mark Jenkinson
Aviva Home Insurance Ed Rutherford Mark Jenkinson
Sky - 'Mylenne Klass Mum's' Thierry Puget Max & Michael
Plenty - Various Idents Ed Rutherford Max & Michael
Nokia - 'Hands' Marcus Domieo John Yorke
3 Mobile Ed Rutherford Mark Jenkinson
FA Respect Ole Bratt Birkeland Theo Delaney
XBOX Ed Rutherford Max & Michael
The Real Story of Sport Damian Daniels Steve Price
ASDA - 'Wine and Fish' Roger Chapman Patrick Collerton
Ashley Walters - 'With you' Damian Daniels Dewi Konnuah

Short Films

Title Director of Photography Director
120 Days Damian Daniel Mike Gosebee
All New People Zac Nicholson Zach Braff
Gallop Ben Kracan Michael Pearce
The Ellington Kid Christopher Sabogal Dan Sully
Flak Ed Rutherford Finn McGough
I am Rith Segal hear me Roar Zac Nicholson Minkie Spiro
Alpha Mayell Ed Rutherford Henry Mason

Last updated: 15 May 2023