Abigail Catto

1st AC / Focus Puller

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Features and Dramas

Title Director of Photography Camera Operator
Black Doves - B Camera Mark Patton and Guilio Biccari Kat Spencer
Ghostbusters - Splinter Unit - Dailies Peter Talbot Danny Lillie
Wicked - 2nd Unit - Dailies Sam Renton Miles Proudfoot
Andor - Season II - B Camera Dailies Christophe Nuyens Iain Struthers
Slow Horses - Season III - Dailies Danny Cohen and Eben Bolter John Evans
The Crown - Season VI - B Camera Dailies Rasmus Videbaek Steve Burgess
Straight Shooters - Dailies PJ Dillon Matt Poynter and Sean Savage
Roadhouse - Dailies Andrew Rowlands Peter Byrne
Slow Horses - Season II - Dailies Olly Loncraine Hannah Jell
The Great - Season IV - C Camera Dailies Caroline Bridges Hannah Jell
Damsel - B Camera Larry Fong Hannah Jell
Fast and Furious X - VFX/Splinter Unit Matt Windon Peter Byrne
Masters of the Air - Splinter Unit - Additional Camera Tasha Back Dean Thompson
Luther - 2nd Unit - Dailies Andrew Rowlands Peter Byrne
Half Bad - B Camera Nick Remy-Matthews, David Higgs and Nicola Daley Hannah Jell
Top Boy - Dailies Adam Scarth Will Lyte
The Crown - Season IV - C Camera - Dailies Ben Wilson Sam Barnes
His Dark Materials - Season II - Amber Unit Will Baldy Shaun Cobley
Ted Lasso - 2nd Unit - B Camera Matthias Pilz Barney Piercy
The Great - C Camera - Splinter Unit - Dailies John Brawley Claudio Napoli
Fast and Furious IX - Main Unit - Dailies and Array Steven Windon and Callan Green Matt Windon
After Love - A Camera - Dailies Alexander Dynan Alexander Dynan
The Old Guard - Splinter Unit - Dailies Tami Reiker and Barry Ackroyd Simon Tindall
Misbehaviour - B Camera Zac Nicholson Rob Webster
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - 2nd Unit - VFX/Array Unit Andrew Rowlands Pete Batten

Commercials and Promos

Title Director of Photography Camera Operator
Sigur Ros James Friend Albert Hall
Project Ace Aaron Graddo Charlie Rizek
Bumble Morgan K Spencer Simon Wood
Arla Eira Wyn Jones John Evans
Fall Glen Milner Glen Milner
Car T Cell Robert Craske Matthew Welch

Short Films

Title Director of Photography Camera Operator
Peregrine Ronnie McQuillan Ronnie McQuillan
Hair Violetta D'Agata Violetta D'Agata
Chorus Morgan Spencer James Thomas
Egg Film Sam Renton Sam Renton
Hen Party Gerry Vasbenter Gerry Vasbenter

Last updated: 12 Apr 2024